Yes, Jeremih could use a little brush up on his French, but who's going to nit pick when the touch-and-go singer drops some official audio. It's been 16 months since "Don't Tell 'Em" dropped and "Planes" has been around for nine and yet, we don't seem any closer to that long-awaited debut album.

Alas, the trend of few and far between singles continues today with "Oui," a snare-happy play on the affirmative word in French. "There's no we without you and I," Jeremih repeatedly sings.

For all of his false starts, Jeremih is acutely adept at seizing an R&B moment, reappearing every so often to remind how frustrating it can be waiting on him to materialize a full project. "Oui" adds to that end, with an angelic key loop that allows the singer to move in and out melodies. At one point, he even plays with Shai's "If I Ever Fall In Love" as nothing more than an interlude.

For the time being, Jeremih will forever exist in disparate moments and tracks, with 2014's mixtape Not On My Album, the most recent project from the Chicago singer. Either way, "Oui" proves he's still got the vocals to bust through the clatter and dominant the landscape regardless of push backs.

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