Those outside of Virginia may not be woke yet, but D.R.A.M.'s name has been rattling around hip-hop circles for a minute now. From his 2014 debut #1EpicSummer to now, the brash Hampton native has garnered a significant buzz, including a surreptitious shout-out from Beyonce. Beyond that, there's his appearance on The Social Experiment's Surf, where he slides in alongside such heavy hitters as Busta Rhymes, J. Cole, Quavo, Jeremih and Erykah Badu. He made an appearance at Hot 97's 20th Birthday Bash, and will be performing at this year's editions of Trillectro and the Fool's Gold Day Off concert series. But on "50/50," D.R.A.M. is here to admonish half-steppin', half-way crooks and any other partially finished act of principle. Aided by a verse from DP, an angry Clipse descendent from Virginia Beach, the cut seemingly samples the worst sounds from every science fiction battle scene, but still manages to come off menacing.

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