At this point in his career, Dave East is done with the petty conversations. And that means "No Back and Forth" with pee-ons. The Harlem rapper spells it out in his latest track.

Produced by Mr. Authentic, the track catches the ear with firm drum kicks and a chopped-up sample. Dave catches the wave with a slow flow, rhyming about his ascension.

"Food stamps WIC checks, and no dental plan (Ghetto)/We bagged the raw, used to let it dry with the ceiling fan/Hand in hand they watching from the roof, drop it in a can/Package is Saran wrapped, duct tape, paper fill my pants/Recollections on weapons I never purchased/That money had me thirsty, shit I need somthin' to sip on/Straight to the point, told her I got somethin' she could sit on/Get love out in Detroit like I'm a piston, your bitch' gone," he spits.

Dave is currently working on his debut album, after dropping his latest mixape, Kairi Chanel, last September.

In related news, the 2016 XXL Freshman was recently announced as the host of the inaugural Goldie Awards, put on by A-Trak. The event will feature DJ battles and beat battles. Celebrity guests will include Diplo, Just Blaze, DJ Craze, Destructo, Mija, and Mannie Fresh.

“Dave East is the homie. To me, Dave East really represents a really good bridge of classic and new, and that’s a lot of what the Goldie Awards needs to represent,” A-Trak told Billboard.

The event goes down on September 7 at New York’s Brooklyn Steel.

Listen to Dave East's latest track below.

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