The Cool Kids was always a project about nostalgia. All the way back in 2008, their XL debut EP, The Bake Sale, touted pagers and fat gold chains, boomboxes, choreographed house parties, the first Bush campaign, and whatever else happened in 1988. Lately, at least one of the members has been on a different bent: Chuck Inglish is now more concerned with reliving the early 2000s, complete with Clipse samples and FREE YAYO t-shirts. (For his part, Sir Michael Rocks has been busy crafting phony National Geographic ads and saving the Antarctic ice shelves.) Here, however, they team back up on "Supersquad," where the legion of Marvel super heroes are reimagined as small-time drug dealers. The Golden Age revivalism and near-past callbacks come to their natural convergence, with mid-2000s slang clanking back and forth between the drum machines your oldest cousin bought with his student loans. It's a simple credo--bass on 12, shaking shit on shelves.