Russ—a rapping-singing-producing talent hailing from Atlanta—has finally released his debut LP.

The new project, There's Really a Wolf, features Russ putting all of his talents on display as he showcases some impressive rhyming ability and a singing voice strong enough to make memorable hooks.

"Is this the rap game or high school politics/Bars could be on Maury, 'cause they got a little pop in it," he spits on "I'm Here," the first track on the album, which as a whole could serve as a mission statement for his come up in the rap game.

"I'm Here" is Russ coming with straight bars, while a track like "Cherry Hill" finds the artist crooning about love. “Feelin’ lonely in this room since I was seventeen/Thought this bottle was supposed to drown my memory/But I’m still swimmin’ in your vision and it’s temptin’ me/But next time that I call I’m hopin’ that you answer me,” he sings on the track.

You can find Russ' musical virtuosity at work by copping it on iTunes now. Check it out on Spotify below.

Russ' There's Really a Wolf Tracklist

1. "I’m Here"
2. "The Stakeout"
3. "Act Now"
4. "Cherry Hill"
5. "Me You"
6. "Ride Slow"
7. "Don’t Lie"
8. "Do It Myself"
9. "I Wanna Go Down With You"
10."Family & Friends"
11."What They Want"
12."Got This"
13."No Turning Back"
14."Losin Control"
16."Back To You"
17."One More Shot"
19."Pull The Trigger"

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