Another week, another installment of MF DOOM's The Missing Notebook Rhymes series. This one's called "Notebook 03," and it features exactly the sort of tight rhymes rap fans have come to expect from the mysterious MC.

While we don't know who produced the track, DOOM does shout out Danger Mouse, so maybe he's the person behind the instrumental.

"Notebook 03" is the fourth entry into DOOM's newest collection of songs, and it comes a few weeks after DOOM revealed his plans to drop a new KMD album. There's no word on when that one's coming out, but fans can still look forward to Adult Swim dropping a new DOOM song for each of the next 11 weeks.

It was DOOM's friendship with Adult Swim’s senior vice president and creative director Jason DeMarco that led to The Missing Notebook Rhymes premiering through the network. Speaking to XXL in a recent phone conversation, DeMarco explained how the arrangement came to be. DOOM first approached the Adult Swim head honcho about the new music last year.

“I kinda said, ‘I feel like it’s been so long since DOOM’s really had a big splash of tracks. I think it’d be really cool to just drop ‘em all and do one every week and let people know DOOM is back,'” DeMarco recalled. “Luckily, they kind of liked that idea and we were able to make it happen, but we’ve been talking about it for at least a year, and I’ve been sitting on all this DOOM music.”

Check out "Notebook 03" below.

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