Ludacris lets loose a banger for fans today. "Charge It To The Rap Game," which is produced by !llmind, finds Luda spitting punchline after punchline over thumping drums. The ATL native lends advice and guidance to the younger listeners and MCs ("everyone is out for money, executive is out for blood, if you don't keep the music current the labels will pull the plug"). The OG shows why he's been so relevant for so many years, expounding about the double edge sword of being a hip-hop star.

The Furious 7 star is gearing up for his forthcoming LP, Ludaversal, which drops next Tuesday. He recently hopped on the phone with us to discuss why he hasn't forgotten about his hip-hop roots.

"I haven’t dropped an album in four damn years so I’m like, I need people to understand that I’m still 100 percent extremely hungry and passionate about what got me here in the first place," said Ludacris. "I’ll never forget that and I don’t ever want there to be any misconceptions because that is a stereotype. Certain rappers start transitioning into Hollywood and they start doing movies and then it’s like they don’t give a damn about music anymore. The freestyles were letting everyone know that not only do I give a damn but I’m still competing against whoever you feel is the best doing it."