Lil Wayne and Charlie Puth link up for "Nothing But Trouble," which is off Big Beat's soundtrack for 808, the documentary on the influences of the Roland RT-808 drum machine. The two artist tells stories of superficial women who cause them problems in their life.

"When I met her she was out for love/Yeah, I bought her leather and some diamond studs/Damn, when I met her she was not lit up/Fuck it, I said "Whatever" cause I'm not a judge/No, all my niggas say she's not what's up/Uh, I considered it but not enough/Uh, she just wanted to be popular/Uh, she just wanted a thousand followers/Oh. she posted, she posted, she posted," raps Wayne.

Puth handles the hook and sends a message to women who's main focus in life are Instagram likes and Twitter followers. "I'm facing the bottle for all of my problems/These Instagram models are nothing but trouble/She's going away now (Now it's over)/I'm going full throttle (You drive me crazy)/All these Instagram models/I said they're nothing but trouble," sings Puth.

Now isn't that the truth? Listen to "Nothing But Trouble" above. You can watch the trailer for 808 below. The film and soundtrack comes out in 2015 and features commentary from Pharrell, Questlove, Afrika Bambaataa, Rick Rubin, Lil Jon and more.