The long-awaited DOOMSTARKS collab project from Ghostface Killah and MF Doom gets an official single release thanks to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. "Lively Hood," which dropped thanks to Adult Swim's "Singles" project, is just about everything you would expect from a Ghost and Doom track. Featuring a sample-laden instrumental from Doom and Ghost's classic delivery, "Lively Hood" reminds listeners of a time when topless women weren't the biggest threat in New York City's Times Square. Check it out above.

Tony Starks has gone on record saying that the DOOMSTARKS project will drop before the year is out. Out of nowhere, it's already September and outside of "Lively Hood" and a performance from the duo at the Ill Points Festival in October, we've heard nothing from the project. The new song is a step in the right direction so hopefully we'll get more over the next few months.