Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda got his shot to host Saturday Night Live, last night (Oct. 8), and he used it partially to take shots at Donald Trump.

Miranda sets the show off with the opening monologue, where he speaks about not going into his Broadway shtick, before jokingly going into a song and dance about taking advantage of his time on the national stage.

"I am not throwing away my shot/I am not throwing away my shot/My name is Lin-Manuel/I am hosting SNL/And I am not throwing away my shot/Now I'm gonna go for broke and do it all tonight/Take a swing/Pass the baton/Give me the ball tonight/I got a Tony and an Emmy and a Grammy yo/But what I really want's a famous person cameo," he raps.

While maneuvering through the set with dancers in tow, Miranda boasts on about his aspirations, spitting, "Tonight I'm finally earning my spot/On this wall, in this hall and I'm getting a piece of it/Like Miley, Schumer, Tracy Morgan and this piece of," he stops short when running into a picture of Donald Trump on the wall. "Well you're never gonna be president now/Never gonna be president now/Never gonna be president now/Never gonna be-," he adds.

Miranda isn't the only entertainer who is not entertained by Trump's antics. T.I. called Trump “upper echelon scum of the earth” and the Republican candidate has even been called out by Ice Cube over a fake endorsement. And let’s not forget about this classic performance.

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