Yesterday, Facebook suspended Lil B's account for violating rules against hate speech for a post that read, "If you were born in the 1950's or before and your family did not push to have segregation and slavery stop ur grandparents are pussy." Today, Lil B uploaded a scathing seven minute song to YouTube with the title "I Cant Breathe *NOT A VIDEO* LIFE CHANGING FIRST EVER TO SPEAK."

A based freestyle about sexing celebrities this is not. "I Cant Breathe" is part song, part rant, a chorusless avalanche of assertions and accusations about a wide range of topics, loosely categorizable as Black Experiences in America. Lil B, underneath his well-publicized, performative ridiculousness, is a sympathetic and emotional rapper. "I pray for all the victims, and cry sometimes, because the pain is so vivid/They try to normalize black pain, pay attention." If the lyrics were too subtle, in lieu of a music video, "I Cant Breathe" is accompanied by a black and white photo of a puppy chained in place.

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