With Teenage Emotions set to drop in about a week, Lil Yachty lets loose a new banger from the album. This one's called "X Men," a track that features the rapper abandoning the more lighthearted, innocent tone of a song like "Bring It Back" for a rapid-fire flow and boasting over a hard beat.

"Nineteen years old I got seven figs/Break that bitch back like a tree twig/I love my son more than anybody/Fuck I look like in a Maserati/I leave that shit to the trap stars/A nigga like me a busy body," he raps on the track, before going onto shoot off several more boasts even before his next verse.

The track features a hook from Evander Griiim, who turns in a hook about big body Benz's and flexing as hard as he can. It pretty much matches the tone of Lil Yachty's verses to the tee.

"X Men" is hard-hitting and confident, which we're guessing will fill up a sizable dimension of Teenage Emotions. Considering just how quickly he's risen to stardom, it's easy to see how Lil Boat can be so self-assured, but Yachty isn't above appreciating every second of his newfound life as a rapper and pop culture phenomenon. He indicated as much when we spoke to him for the Spring 2017 issue of of XXL magazine, which is on stands now.

"Well, like I said, in this game, I haven’t been here that long and I was extremely poor, you know what I’m saying? Real broke. No money ever, so it’s a blessing and I’m just thankful to be in this position in life. I never take this moment for granted," Lil Boat explained at the time.

Sounds legit. Check out "X Men" for yourself below.

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