Back in 2015, Lil Yachty stormed onto the scene with his saccharine, upbeat take on Atlanta rap via his Summer Songs EP, a blend of fun and laid-back energy of the Rich Kidz with the outright weirdness of the SoundCloud scene. Singing and rapping in a high-pitched voice on songs like "Minnesota" and "One Night" made him stand out, and he rode out that momentum as he evolved and his style changed. Nowadays, at 23 years old and with multiple gold and platinum plaques to his name, he's more of a traditional rhymer, embracing the sounds of other regions, namely Michigan. Considering that he's gone viral quite a few times in his career and has become a pop culture mainstay, it's no surprise that producers have whipped up Lil Yachty type beats.

His 2016 track "One Night" is an early example of his hit-making ability. The Good Perry-produced beat is simple, but distinctive. It's a very minimalist trap beat, with spaced-out, filtered piano keys creating the melody. As the song goes on, it becomes apparent that one singular harp note plays continuously throughout the beat, sneaking in perfectly along the 808s. The beat is so stripped-down that every element makes sense and has its place while as a whole, it makes the song easier to sing along to.

Skipping ahead to 2020, when Yachty dropped "Pardon Me" with Future and Mike WiLL Made-It, who produced it, his taste in production totally changed. This beat bangs and is pretty much dominated by the drums, which alternate between regular speed and triple-time. There are a few sounds interspersed through the beat, like a Spanish guitar note that hangs during the hook and parts of the verses. This production is much closer to contemporary trap than Yachty's earlier work, but he sounds comfortable on both styles.

Scroll below to check out some Lil Yachty type beats, targeting both his older sound, current vibes and everything in between.

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