On the verge of dropping a new EP, Lil Yachty on Thursday (Aug. 16) let loose one more visual for his March project Lil Boat 2 in the form of "66" featuring Trippie Redd.

The video, co-directed by Yachty, Drew Kirsch and Mihailo Andic, works around an apparent inability to film the two rappers together. Through vertical and horizontal split-frames, the clip captures Yachty bouncing from a suburban home to a nearby forest, while Trippie builds a bonfire and waves a torch in the woods.

DY Krazy and Steve Lean produced the track, built around a crescendoing synth loop and hi-hats. Yachty and Redd use the opportunity to flaunt their wealth. The title comes from the hook, in which the self-declared King of Teens declares his retirement plans: "14, 14, high school, servin' beans/Dropped out, now I'm rich, flexin' 'til I'm 66."

Trippie, for his part, opens the first verse with a memorable description of the biological effects of being a hater. It's a nice reminder to watch your health.

"Flexin' for these bands, finna pop out/Boolin' on the block I got my Glock out/I just pulled up in a Bentley/All the hatred go right to your fuckin' kidney," Redd raps.

The video comes days before the expected release of a new Lil Yachty project. He announced in July that he plans to drop a new EP on his birthday, otherwise known as Aug. 23. The Quality Control signee also is involved in the rumored Glacier Boyz project with Gucci Mane and Migos.

Watch Lil Yachty's "66" video featuring Trippie Redd below.

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