On Monday night (March 7), Lil Yachty used his Instagram account to announce he's getting his own Rap Snacks flavor, and in a world where questions of morality pop up everyday, few things feel as unimpeachably right.

The Lil Boat artist's Instagram post includes picture of two colorful bags of Rap Snacks, each bearing an image of Yachty with his hands clasped on the side of his face. Just beneath the Rap Snacks logo, we see the words '"Oowee Flaming Hot." Further below that, we see the name of the specific flavor on each bag.

On the purple bag we see "LIL YACHTY'S HOT CHILLI PEPPER AND LIME." On the reddish orange bag, we see "LIL YACHTY's CRUNCHY CURLS." Yachty doesn't offer up an exact date for the release of his rap snacks, but in the caption for the photo he notes they are "coming soon."

Yachty's announcement comes just a few weeks after Fabolous revealed he was following in the Migos' footsteps by introducing a Rap Snacks flavor of his own. The Summertime Shootout 2 artist's “New York Deli Cheddar” flavor of chips were the latest to be released in Rap Snacks' 2017 brand relaunch.

Yachty and Fabolous' flavors join a line of chips that include Romeo Miller’s flavor “Bar-B-Quin with My Honey,” Migos’ flavor “Sour Cream with a Dab of Ranch," ”Fetty Wap’s flavor “Honey Jalapeño” and Lil Boosie’s flavor “Louisiana Heat.” Now that sounds like good eating.

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