Much has been made of Lil Yachty and Quavo's putting a Joe Budden lookalike in their new video for "Ice Tray," but if you let Lil Boat tell it, it's really no big deal. Speaking with the folks at TMZ, the rapper says everything's in good fun.

"Honestly, we not even worried about Joe," Yachty says in the video. "We honestly—it's almost like we poking fun at it. We just bored."

If you didn't know, both Migos and Yachty have had some pretty unpleasant interactions with Budden during interviews on Complex's Everyday Struggle this year. For his part, Yachty was the unwitting recipient of one of Budden's music industry lectures, which many people felt was conspiculously over-aggressive and condescending. Yachty's pops also came at Budden this past spring, calling him a hater.

Later on in the year, when Everyday Struggle hit the BET Awards, Budden stormed off the set of his interview with Migos after a bumpier segment of their interview. Quavo, Offset and Takeoff famously rolled up their sleeves and prepared to fight Budden.

Still, Yachty insists that the video for "Ice Tray," a track from the recently released Quality Control compilation project, is way more about having fun than any beef. "We're not mad at him. Just having fun, you know what I'm saying." Yachty goes onto say that the lyrics aimed at Budden is just he and Quavo "being real" about how they feel about the situation.

Check out Lil Boat's interview below.

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