Lil Yachty isn't waiting for the new year to show off his new self, taking to Instagram Live on Monday (Dec. 19) to show off a new hair style. As seen in the above video, Yachty has let his signature braids and beads go, his red locks still as colorful as ever.

"See this right here? The James Brown look, you know?," he says. "I’m working on my album. This look means seriousness. This hair do means hits. And to Funkmaster Flex this means a lot of mumble rap." Jay Z was known to miss the barber's seat whenever he was in album mode, Yachty likewise switching his style up.

In November, Yachty said of recording his debut album, “I have so many amazing songs that we never put out. But we’ve been on tour, and I keep trying to record on tour but I keep losing my voice. And it’s just hard for me to record, 100 percent. So once I get off tour on the 18th, we’re really just gonna lock in and just start completely fresh. So there’s no songs: we’re really just gonna make it in three or four weeks.”

As for his Funk Flex remarks, the Hot 97 DJ called Yachty out by name recently during an on-air screed against mumble rappers. Yachty responded via Twitter, writing, “If it ain’t one hot 97 dj it’s another lmao.” Earlier in the year, Yachty and Ebro had exchanged words over Yachty's rapping ability.

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