Lil Yachty took a costly loss to 21 Savage in a recent game of NBA 2K.

The two Atlanta rappers and their entourages were recently cooling out together and playing videos games when a wager on some games between the two MCs got up to $12,000. Lil Boat apparently thought he was better than he actually is and ended up getting waxed by the "Bank Account" MC.

Yachty captured footage of the aftermath and posted it on social media. "You lost, nigga, $10,000. You got your ass spanked," Savage says into the camera.

"I took a L, I ain't tripping," Yachty confirms.

21 Savage later shows off the knot of fresh $100 bills he received from Yachty for his conquest. "Shout out to my boy Lil Yachty, man," adds 21. "Giving me $10,000 on the 2K. He thought he could beat me on 2K. Thank you, Lil Yachty."

Yachty commented on the loss on Twitter. He claims he beat 21 Savage on Playstation, but when the money was on the line he took an L while using XBox. The King of the Teens also admits 21 beat another two racks off of him. "Today I lost 12 thousand dollars to 21 and I ain't been right ever since... ):," he posted.

It's not as bad as the time Drake lost $60,000 to French Montana in a bet over the 2016 NBA Finals. Or the time Offset lost $50,000 betting on the Atlanta Falcons when they had their epic collapse in last year's Super Bowl.

Still, $12,000 is nothing to sneeze at. But when you've made $13 million in 16 months, like Yachty reportedly did, the blow to the pockets isn't that bad.

Check out the post-game footage from Lil Yachty and 21 Savage's 2K battle below.

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