Lil Yachty's growing buzz took him to offices of CNN. The rapper stopped by to get a little political as he explained that he's supporting Bernie Sanders' presidential candidacy.

"Right now I'm rooting for Bernie Sanders," Lil Yachty said in his interview with CNN. "Not just because he was with the civil rights movement but just because everything he stands for."

When asked about how he first heard about Bernie Sanders, Lil Yachty revealed that Lil B's support of Sanders made the Atlanta rapper study up on the Vermont senator.

"I heard about Bernie Sanders through Lil B because Lil B was supporting him so much and that made me check him out," Lil Yachty explained.

Lil Yachty told CNN that a lot of his fans express disillusionment with the political process. He hopes by the next election, his stature has grown enough to where he can influence more people.

"A lot of my fans tell me all the time they don't feel like their voice matters," Lil Yachty said. "I think people [are] just following the masses and I don't think they even really know what each side holds. By next election, hopefully I'll have such... not power but I'll be on a level where I can step out and talk about it."

The "1Night" rapper closed things out by stressing the importance of voting.

"I want to say it's important that you vote, that you get out there," Lil Yachty said. "Everybody's voice matters. Just make sure that you register. And if you're not gonna vote, at least take the time, do some homework on what's going on."

You can check out the entire interview with Lil Yachty above.

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