For some, summer is marked by the open road. Weekend getaways and impromptu drives with the top down replacing the necessary nesting that winter brings. For Lil Yachty, French Montana and Ty Dolla $ign, that means opening up the passenger door of some exotic automobile which is exactly what they do on the new Americanos track "In My Foreign."

The Americanos consists of DJ Felli Fel, Lex Larson and Louie Rubio and their latest drop sounds like a cook-out playlist must, the vibe reminiscent of a cold drink on a hot day. French Montana kicks things off, rapping, "Whatcha say, whatcha say, whatcha say? / Whole team faded like Jordan with the J / Cradle to the grave / NY to the Bay / Millions in the bank and the hundreds in the safe." Ty Dolla meanwhile is getting lit like the Fourth of July on the tracks hook and bridge, with Lil Yachty closing things out.

The 2016 XXL Freshman relies on his romantic side, imagining a scene from Lovers Lane or some other cliche make-out spot. He raps, "Just me and you parked up at the top looking at the view / So many things that we could do / Just ride with me you’ll never lose / Do you wanna ride in my foreign? / Get you red bottom heels no Jordans / I know your ex boyfriend was hella boring / now we skirting 130, no snoring."

Listen to the collaborative track up top and see if its stands to dominate summer 16 like some other releases.

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