Lil Yachty spits his favorite all-time verse in a new clip for ThisIs50. The 2016 XXL Freshman opts for a verse from Frank Ocean's "Futura Free."

He does a solid rendition, overall, though he does stumble at certain points. Seated next to his right-hand man, Burberry Perry, Lil Boat spits, "If I was being honest/I'd say long as I could fuck three times a day and not skip a meal I'm good/I used to work on my feet for 7 dollars a hour/Call my momma like momma/I ain't making minimum wage momma/I'm on momma/I'm on/Now I'm making 400, 600, 800K momma/To stand on my feet momma/Play these songs, it's therapy momma."

He continues, "They paying me momma/I should be paying them/I should be paying y'all honest to God/I'm just a guy I'm not a god/Sometimes I feel like I'm a god but I'm not a god/If I was I don't know which heaven would have me momma/Let me run this bitch/I'ma run it into the ground momma, the whole galaxy."

In other Yachty-related news, the young ATLien was recently in a bit of a feud with Soulja Boy. A few days ago, Lil Boat posted a phone conversation he had with the "Crank Dat" rapper. SB gets exposed, saying, “we need to get in the studio and capitalize off this shit” and “at this point right now, I fuck with you bro…I want to make music with you.” Yachty later says, “As you can see, this nigga’s fried. I don’t want anything to do with it. I’m not gonna say nothing. I never apologized, bro, I didn’t have a reason to, I didn’t do anything wrong. He called me last night out the blue, apologized to me. I didn’t call him, he called me. Liar. Cmon bruh. You a joke.”

You can view Yachty spit the Frank Ocean verse above via YouTube. If you want to watch more ThisIs50 clips like the one above, go back and check out Cam'ron spitting a verse from Jay Z's "In My Lifetime."

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