The ongoing drama between Lil Yachty and Soulja Boy continued this weekend as Yachty shared a phone conversation the two had in which Soulja seems to concede, telling Yachty he wants to make music not beef. Everything blew up seemingly over a dispute as to who can call model India Love their own, Soulja writing on social media, “I’ll snatch them beads out your head, you little bitch ass nigga... Tell Lil Yachty pull up on me. I’ma beat the shit out of that nigga.”

The beef was thought to be squashed yesterday after Soulja blamed it all on a lack of drugs, saying “Lil Yachty, you know I love you. I just need to smoke a blunt." However, it appears to be back on as Yachty tries to play SB with the taped phone call. The audio is grainy at best, though Soulja at various points can be heard saying, "we need to get in the studio and capitalize off this shit" and "at this point right now, I fuck with you bro…I want to make music with you."

Yachty says afterward, "As you can see, this nigga’s fried. I don’t want anything to do with it. I’m not gonna say nothing. I never apologized, bro, I didn’t have a reason to, I didn’t do anything wrong. He called me last night out the blue, apologized to me. I didn’t call him, he called me. Liar. Cmon bruh. You a joke." Later on in the video, which is a compilation of Yachty's Snapchats, the rapper says, "I guess when you get washed up you gotta go to desperate measures. I will never know what that’s like."

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