Atlanta rappers Lil Yachty and Father link up for the fire new track, "Dreamboat Freestyle."

Produced by Meltycanon, the track has a vibrant video game vibe. First, Boat turns up on the cut. "Oh shit we just got it lit, like a candle/And I'm always one toe in one toe out like sandals/And I'm bout my Green Bay like that nigga Randal/And I'm mad rare like a purple Lambo/Sheesh I feel like Rambo got damn Daniel," he raps.

Minus a chorus, Father follows Yachty and rolls right into his verse. "Girl look at this coat, yeah/It aint even that cold, yeah/Middle of the summer/In some ice and some fur/Bitches know I'm Father/I ain't never been curved," he boasts.

It is unclear if this track will end up on an upcoming project or if it is just a loose banger.

After releasing his debut album, Teenage Emotions, earlier this year, Lil Yachty is back in the studio. Last month, he shared a preview of his upcoming project, Lil Boat 2, during a performance. The track is produced by Charlie Shuffler and finds Yachty spitting, “Made it out my mama crib then bought my moms a crib/Bought myself a chain, kept it short cause I ain’t Jibbs,” Yachty raps. “She gon’ let me fuck, she like that Lil Boat ad-lib/And we at LIV/Later I’m in her ribs/I know she your bitch, but I’m on first cause I called dibs.”

Lil Boat 2 is the sequel to Yachty's debut mixtape, which featured the breakout hits, "Minnesota" and "One Night."

Listen to Lil Yachty and Father's "Dreamboat Freestyle" below.

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