All is not well between Lil Yachty and one of his favorite rappers Soulja Boy. On Friday (Oct. 28), after Soulja Boy had been posting pictures with a girl named India Love, Yachty apparently texted Soulja, saying that's his girl and telling SB he needed to chill. SB posted the text to IG, and the beef was on from there.

On Saturday, at the Mala Luna Festival in San Antonio, Texas, Lil Yachty went onstage and dissed Soulja Boy, calling him old and washed up. You can watch him perform it above and below. The entire crowd chants "fuck Soulja Boy" at one point.

SB and Lil' Boat went back and forth Saturday, with Yachty appearing to shrug it off on Twitter while Soulja Boy posted a series of videos to IG blasting the Atlanta rapper.

Atlanta producer Southside even jumped into the fray, tagging Soulja on Twitter and telling him to chill with all the hate. "boi u Betta let dat shit rock we really rockin wit dis Atlanta shit yachty a Youngn n he doin his thang any issues wanted," tweeted Southside. Soulja responded asking Sizzle if he "wanted smoke" and then proceeded to post a picture of himself holding guns.

The whole thing is tragic, because Soulja Boy is someone Yachty grew up on. In an interview with Complex from back in April, he said he wanted to bring SB back. "I'm trying to put Soulja Boy back on the map. Seriously, I could do it. He just gotta rebrand himself and he could still have the whole youths attention." Yachty even said Soulja Boy is in his top five rappers of all time. 

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