Lil Wop is a rapper from Chicago, who eventually found his way to Atlanta and onto Gucci Mane's 1017 Eskimo Records. Known for his dark demeanor and subject matter, Wop has been building his buzz through his traction online. He now has a new video, "Real or Fake," where he questions just how tough other rappers are.

The video, which is the work of HellReil Visuals, opens with a suited-up Lil Wop smoking and sitting in a chair. He starts rapping and his image is distorted, not unlike something you'd see in a horror movie. The visual continues on until Wop gets a phone call, which leads into a "To Be Continued" screen.

Wop doesn't waste any time before he starts asking questions. "Got one question for these rappers, is you real or fake?/All these niggas bitches, all they do is hate," he raps. "These niggas talk behind my back, but smiling in my face/Wopsta gettin' cake, I go state to state."

The song has no hook; Wop opts to spit one long verse instead. "Niggas beefing, niggas tweaking, get killed over clout/If you ain't with the shits, advise you close your mouth," is Lil Wop handing out his own brand of advice. The rest is a warning: "Got some young niggas won't hesitate run in yo house/You ain't with the shits, advise you close your mouth."

Nowadays, Lil Wop seems to be staying out of trouble after being arrested alongside Trippie Redd for fighting Atlanta rapper FDM Grady. On the music side of things, he released the video for his song "No Heart" in February and sat down for an XXL The Break interview last October.

Watch the haunting "Real or Fake" video below.

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