On Sept. 8, TMZ reported that Lil Wayne experienced yet another swatting incident at his Miami beach-side mansion. Now Weezy is fed up, and he plans on vacating the residence even though nobody has plans to buy it just yet, according to TMZ.

Wayne has been trying to sell the house for about one year now. He has it listed for $18 million, and so far, nobody has placed an offer on the piece of real estate. Weezy has been staying in the house waiting for an offer, but it seems like he's officially done staying there due to the recent events.

Sources close to Tunechi tell TMZ that the New Orleans native is still pissed (for good reason) about what happened inside his own home when cops came through and placed him in cuffs for no reason whatsoever. It all started when a hoaxer called the police.

The caller apparently told 911 that an unknown male was shot and bleeding at Weezy’s home. Miami Beach police entered the humongous residence through an unlocked garage door at 2:53 p.m. and found Wayne sleeping. TMZ reports that, according to police documents, the Carter rapper was cooperative and even gave the 5-0 permission to bring a K-9 unit in.

Allegedly, moments later, Weezy F got pissed and yelled, “I’m tired of this shit … Take me to jail.” The police put Wayne in cuffs but let him go once they realized there was no victim. By definition, what occurred is called a swatting incident: prank calling emergency services into dispatching an emergency response based on the false reports.

In music-related news, check out Weezy F. Baby's track "Grateful," which serves as a proper goodbye to Cash Money.

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