The 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina is coming up. Katrina severely damaged New Orleans, displacing roughly 400, 000 people and killing many residents. Throughout the decade many people have helped the city. One of those people has been Lil Wayne. The Young Money general is gearing up for the first annual Lil WeezyAna Fest in the N.O.’s Champions Square’s Bold Sphere Music. Wayne will donate portions of proceeds from Lil WeezyAna Fest to Tha Carter Fund. The fund’s aim is to provide support for after school programs for underprivileged youth.

Wayne recently sat down with ESPN's Michael Smith—who also grew up in NOLA—for his podcast His & Hers to talk about the city's development. When asked has the city changed, Wayne said it has but not for the better. "I was just doing an interview before this one and the guy asked me where is the changed ten years later," Wayne said. "I was like I'm sorry to say, it's no change. It's what 'they' wanted. Move who they don't want out and bring who do they want in." He later adds: "It's what they want in, the money. And we, as in my people, we scare that people, [so] wash them out."

Michael said that he also believe New Orleans has a different feel he doesn't recognize. Wayne adds: "Places that was for us are now for them... You tear down projects to make condos, who you helping? Because the person who lived in the projects damn sure can't afford a condo."

They also talk about the Lil WeezyAna being inspired by Drizzy’s OVO Fest, fatherhood, having 4 children, their hobbies, what he does with them and more. Wayne also announced DJ Jubilee (a bounce music artist) will be at WeezyAna along with other surprise guests. Listen to the interview above.