In March 2015, a hoaxer called 911 and claimed he shot four people at Lil Wayne's house in Miami. According to TMZ, a similar incident occurred last week, when cops arrived at Weezy's house after yet another fake call about a shooting.

The caller apparently told 911 that an unknown male was shot and bleeding at Weezy's home. Miami Beach police entered the humongous residence through an unlocked garage door at 2:53 p.m. and found Wayne sleeping. TMZ reports that, according to police documents, the Carter rapper was cooperative and even gave the 5-0 permission to bring a K-9 unit in.

Allegedly, moments later, Weezy F got pissed and yelled, "I'm tired of this shit ... Take me to jail." The police put Wayne in cuffs but let him go once they realized there was no victim. By definition, what occurred is called a swatting incident: prank calling emergency services into dispatching an emergency response based on the false reports.

When the same thing happened in 2015, the audio of the phone call emerged. “I’m at Dwayne’s house,” said the unidentified caller. “I just shot four people. I’m telling whoever. I don’t give a fuck if you’re a cop or not I’m shooting to kill everything you fucking bitch.” The audio then cuts off. The caller then calls back, this time noticeably more calmer explaining to the operator that he got mad, shot them and didn't know why. When the operator asked for the caller’s name he hung up. Luckily, that scenario turned out to be false as well.

In music-related news, Tunechi recently cooked up a fire theme song for Fox Sports 1's show Skip and Shannon: Undisputed. It's no secret that Wayne is a sports fan, so it makes sense that he'd make that track.

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