Kent Jones recruited some of the biggest names in the music business for his remix. The Miami rapper's hit single "Don't Mind" gets an extra boost on the remix with contributions by Lil Wayne and Pitbull. This new version features Weezy helping out Jones on the hook before letting Pitbull tackle the opening verse.

"I'm surrounded by Caribbean queens/I'm talking Cubans, Puerto Ricans and Dominican things/I got Jamaicans and them Haitians, no un poco santi/I got them Trini's and them Beijing's and they all for me/Let's not talk about the woman down in Mexico/Yeah, they pretty but they could be cartel on the low/So ten cuidado, down in Brazil, they got booties for real/Those Colombians are stunners, they got looks that could kill/She told me ay papacito, ay mi rey/She said De dónde tu eres? I wanna stay/I got my money for sure, got my passport for sure/As soon as she hit the bathroom, I hit the door/I'm gone," Pitbull raps.

Lil Wayne does not simply help out on the hook either. The New Orleans rapper also adds his own verse to the remix.

"Bonjour mademoiselle, je m'appelle Lil Tunechi/Might want cover your ears, cause Young Moolah, we booming/I'm a savage, I'm a beast, I have sex on the beach/And my hoe speak foreign, and my plug speak foreign/I pull up in something foreign, my bitch light orange/I'm rocking Ralph Lauren and some Chucks like Norris/And these other ducks boring, and my bucks foreign/Codeine in my urine so I'm snoring and ignoring/When she telling me this," Wayne raps.

With the new star power added to "Don't Mind," it will not be surprising to see Kent Jones' song remain a strong performer on the charts.

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