Late last night (Nov. 10), Lil Wayne hit the stage to perform his Tha Carter V tracks "Can't Be Broken" and "Uproar" with Halsey and Swizz Beatz respectively. In a more unexpected note, he also ended up appearing in a progressive skit with Future

For the skit, which finds SNL cast members (performing as rap duo, Booty Kings) spitting lyrics to a mock rap song called "Permission," Weezy and Hendrix rap about asking women for consent before they make any sexual advances.

The mock rap video begins with SNL cast members approaching women in a nightclub and gauging their interest in them before they go any further. When the women decline, Booty Kings simply respect their wishes and, to the surprise of the women, walk away. It's pretty much a one-scene encapsulation of the entire song. Which brings us to Hendrix and Weezy.

Both dirty south luminaries deliver verses that don't even really sound too much different from ones you'd hear on BeastMode 2 or Tha Carter V. For his part, Future injects his verse with a bit of melody and a healthy respect for women as he slides across the beat.

"Lights, camera, action, video vixen/Hendrix steal your girl—but only with her permission," Future raps on the track.

Taking the thematic baton from Hendrix, Weezy also unloads some bars about consent. "Before we talk booty, talk emotional connection/Before we get emotional, and putting on protection," Wayne begins before spitting about mutual respect and other ideas on that spectrum.

Check out the skit for yourself below.

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