We are continuing to see signs that Lil Wayne and Birdman's relationship is past the point of reconciliation.

Tune is traveling the country in support of his new book Gone ‘Til November, which is a hand-written diary that documents his time locked up on Rikers Island. During a recent interview with HipHollywood, he was asked if his relationship with the Cash Money CEO would ever be patched up. His response didn't sound hopeful.

"I'm 34 baby, I'm too old for friends," he bluntly responds. So what about the familial bond they had all these years?

"His last name isn't Carter, baby. He's not family," Wayne follows up.

That is a far cry from the sentiment that Wayne held throughout his career when he was calling Birdman his daddy and being known as Birdman Jr. This whole lawsuit, and whatever is going on behind the scenes that we don't know about, has clearly taken its toll. The longer it remains unresolved, the longer tensions will flare.

It was one point where it looked like they had squashed the beef, as they were spotted  partying together on multiple occasions. But since then, Weezy has not been putting any respeck on Birdman's name. He recently threw some jabs at Baby on the Solange song "Mad."

In an interview on ESPN, he compared his situation with Cash Money to that of Chris Bosh's situation with the Miami Heat. “It’s a perfect example that you aren’t bigger than the game,” said Wayne. “You’re not bigger than the team, and once you’re off the team, it’s not—we don’t care.

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