Earlier today, NFL superstar Peyton Manning announced his retirement from football after a 20 year career in the league. The 39-year-old and 14-time Pro Bowl player retires after winning his second Super Bowl earlier this year. While many speculated that Manning would retire after this season, there was still some doubt as to whether or not the older Manning brother would return. The news, which has trended on social media ever since Peyton Manning made the announcement earlier today, did not only take by surprise the sports community, but it also had a few hip-hop artists commemorating "The Sheriff" on their respective social media pages.

Two rappers who have spoken out thus far on Manning's retirement have been Ohio rapper Stalley and football fanatic Lil Wayne. The MMG rapper, whoi is a die hard Denver Broncos fan, was one of the first to thank Peyton for his accomplishments. In his tweet, Stalley wrote, "Thank you 18, for 18 great years!" Lil Wayne, who is a die hardGreen Bay Packers fan, took time from his busy schedule to acknowledge Peyton's greatness in a short but accurate tweet. In his tweet, Weezy F Baby states, "Thank u Peyton! New Orleans boy!"

While the news behind Peyton's retirement was something most expected, the news is a hard hit on the NFL since Peyton was considered one of the role models and faces of the NFL. With the news still bubbling on mainstream platforms, expect more rappers to come out and thank Peyton for his prolific 18 year career.

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