For a couple of months, it seemed like Lil Wayne had escaped his financial woes, but now he's back in hot water.

Back in November, police raided the Miami rapper's home in connection to money owed to a private jet company, reportedly seizing Weezy's art straight off the wall. While a lawsuit or two had popped up since, it looked like clear sailing for Wayne, who has channeled his energy into a reconciliation with label boss/surrogate father Baby. But that doesn't seem to be the case, as a new report claims that Wayne owes the IRS a total of $12.8 million and has been hit with a lien of nearly $900,000.

According to The Jasmine Brand, Wayne was hit with the lien in Florida on Feb. 1 for failing to pay $868,079.89 in taxes in 2014. That figure adds to the growing total of Wayne's governmental debt, as according to the report, he failed to pay $5,843,952 in 2011 and $6,311,132 in 2012. There are a lot of large figures flying around, but it seems that Wayne had paid only $175,719 in taxes in 2011, leaving a sizable amount still owed to the IRS. Much like the private jet ordeal, government officials can start to come after Wayne's assets and property as collateral. In November, Wayne had put his private skate park up for collateral, so the rapper may have to get even more creative in swerving past this latest crisis.

We will continue to update this story as news develops, but if the math is right on this, it seems like Wayne is in the hole to the IRS for a significant amount of coin.

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