Lil Uzi Vert unloads more new music.

On Tuesday (April 9), the Atlantic Records/Generation Now signee dropped off "Sanguine Paradise" and "That's a Rack," two tracks that were cosigned by Generation Now co-founder DJ Drama.

"That's a Rack" is a song that features Uzi's typical array of boastful lyrics. "Fendi knapsack, while I'm spittin' Fendi facts (Facts)/I don't want you back, you a thot, you a nat/Just like his bitch ass, that fuck nigga will get clapped (Will get clapped)/Put a pause on that, you still broke, you ain't back (Yeah)," Uzi raps on the track.

Echoing similar vibes is "Sanguine Paradise," a horn and piano-fueled track that's also got some quotable bars.

The release of the songs comes shortly after Uzi once again accused Drama and Don Cannon of holding his music hostage, proclaiming #FreeUzi on his social media. He also alleged that Drama had been preventing him from releasing music because he'd hung out with Drama's girlfriend, but never went into detail. For his part, Drama said that Uzi was free to release his long-awaited Eternal Atake album at any time, but clearly, the pair were not on the same page.

Uzi seemingly signed to Roc Nation that same week for managerial representation and was immediately back in the studio. He released a throwaway track of sorts, "Free Uzi," through Tidal and soon after that, followed up with a video.

It's unclear whether the powers that be at the Roc had some influence over this new leaf Drama and Uzi seem to have turned over, but it wouldn't be far-fetched—as we know Jay-Z has been quietly making some powerful moves for his younger peers behind-the-scenes as of late. Whatever the case, hopefully, Eternal Atake will see the light of day sooner than later.

Listen to snippets of Lil Uzi Vert's "Sanguine Paradise" and "That's a Rack" below.

Atlantic Records / Generation NOW
Atlantic Records / Generation NOW

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