If you haven't heard by now, Kodak Black isn't too keen on Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty's music as of late. A few days ago, the "Patty Cake" rapper appeared to diss his fellow XXL Freshman alum as he went live on social media. “I don’t even listen to Uzi, these niggas dick in the booty, they confusing the community," Kodak rapped. "I don’t even listen to Yachty, he don’t even be dropping no knowledge." Now, a few days later, Lil Uzi Vert has made a video of his own in response to Kodak's unwarranted jab.

Around the 46-second mark of the Instagram Live video below, Uzi sees a fan questioning him about Kodak's recent comments, to which he responds "What? That's one of my classmates on the XXL [cover]. I fuck with Kodak. What, 'cause he rappin' [and] he said that? I fuck with Kodak, though. That ain't nothin'."

Uzi, who just copped a crazy new gun chain, then goes to further explain why he's unfazed by it all. "See, I ain't poor. If I was poor, that would've got to me," he added. "If I was poor, I would have had all day to think about that. But due to the fact that I'm gettin' money, you know..." During the remainder of the video, Uzi addresses his love for chains and those who are against his rap style and fashion. Watch the whole thing below.

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