Lil Uzi Vert has reached out to Kanye West for help via social media.

On Tuesday afternoon (May 26), the 2016 XXL Freshman hopped on Twitter to ask Kanye for prayers. "Can you pray for me Thanks .," Uzi wrote in the tweet. While it's unclear what sparked Lil Uzi's request, it doesn't appear that he has shared additional details nor has ’Ye responded. However, Uzi's tweet could stem from Kanye's newfound belief in Christianity.

Uzi seeking devotion from Kanye comes weeks after the rapper revealed to his fans that he'll be dropping a new album soon. The forthcoming LP will be the follow-up to Uzi's Eternal Atake and the Eternal Atake Deluxe albums, both of which came out in March.

In addition to announcing a new album, Uzi told his supporters that they can expect his new release to have his old energy. During an impromptu Twitter Q&A on May 16, Uzi answered questions about the upcoming effort.

One person asked the rapper about his excitement for the album. "I’m very thankful right now so I’m Excited...," Uzi replied.

Another fan inquired if the energy in his new music will be influenced by his old sound. To this, Uzi said, "Yes I had 2 get my feet wet again if you here my new features I’m back on my shit."

Last month, Uzi released his Brandon Finessin and Outtatown-produced single titled "Sasuke." The track was delivered on April 24, days after Lil Uzi Vert initially said he was going to drop the track, but also shortly after he began trolling Playboi Carti on social media.

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