Lil Uzi Vert recently proved they're a fan of a fan by pulling up on some kids while they were making a TikTok video to one of the Philadelphia rapper's songs and joining the fun.

On Wednesday (Jan. 11), a video went viral on TikTok that featured Lil Uzi Vert randomly popping up on some kids making a video for social media. In the video, three girls are dancing on a sidewalk while the leaked Lil Uzi Vert house track "Tap Tap" plays. All of a sudden, Uzi hops out of a nearby vehicle with their security guard and joins the group, to the girls' amazement. Uzi dances directly in front of the camera as the girls go crazy in the background. Fans in the comments of the viral video had a ball tripping off the clip.

"Uzi the most random person I've ever seen," one person commented.

"Why is Uzi always somewhere," another person jokingly questioned. "Remember he was in that one music video randomly."

"Bru heard his song on and spawned to their location," another person joked.

Lil Uzi Vert has definitely had some strange fan interactions over the years. Like the time in 2017 when they surprised a bunch of kids on their school bus. Or the time last May when they randomly hopped on a TMZ tour bus. There's also the time they ran from excited fans during a show in 2016 and jumped a fence to get away.

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