Philly rapper Lil Uzi Vert is at the stage in his career where a productive trip to SXSW can really boost his stock. The DJ Drama co-signed rapper has been turning up in Austin for the past few days, but at least one of his shows ended with a huge brawl between people in the crowd.

Video footage of the unfortunate turn of events, which happened this morning (March 20), was captured by DJ Folk who was standing right next to the stage. In it, you see Vert jamming to one of his latest tunes when the melee unexpectedly breaks out in the crowd. It is unclear what started the royal rumble, but there is quickly no doubt that this is not a place you want to be. Fists are being thrown left and right as people seem to be swinging on anything moving.

One particular gentleman in a purple Bape sweatshirt is shooting the five like he's in a Rikers Island gang riot, all the while holding his unscathed cigarette perched between his lips.

The squabble spreads as the crowd clears out with people knuckling up beside the stage. After what seems like minutes, security eventually steps in to stop the last of the people still duking it out.

The whole time Vert looks on from his safe haven on stage.

At least no one started shooting which is what prematurely ended the festivities last night (March 19) of 6th street.

We've got to do better folks.

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