Lil Reese season is upon us. Today (Oct. 15), the Chicago rapper announces his Normal Backwrds EP, a six-track project that he's dropping this Friday (Oct. 19). He's also shared a cover and tracklist for the new EP.

The cover for Normal Backwrds, which is arriving well over a year after Reese teamed with Lil Durk to drop their Supa Vultures EP, features an image of the Grim Reaper with a darker skull. Surrounding the reaper, who, of course, is gripping his scythe tightly, is a pitch black background. We're betting the cover will match the theme of Reese's new project.

Echoing the vibe of Reese's new EP cover is "Stop That," a new song and visual the rapper released last week. Featuring some ominous percussion and bells, the beat for the track is a menacing one. Reese takes that feel and channels it through some hardbody lyrics.

"Keep a few thorough niggas with me/Most niggas gon' fake it to the tee/Play games get put up on a tee/I don't want a goofy riding with me," Reese spits on the track.

The visual for "Stop That" finds Reese roaming a junkyard with his new song is his soundtrack. He isn't doing much, but its an appropriately straightforward accompaniment for a song about being thorough.

Check out the tracklist for Lil Reese's Normal Backwards EP below. Peep the "Stop That" video and cover for the EP beneath the tracklist. Listen to Reese's guest verse on Fredo Santana's "Not Like You" when you're done.

Lil Reese's Normal Backwrds EP Tracklist

1. "Ludacris"
2. "Stop That"
3. "Blasting"
4. "Depend on Me"
5. "Remember"
6. "Gotta Be"

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