On Tuesday (June 18), fans and artists alike went on social media to remember XXXTentacion on the one-year anniversary of his tragic death. Lil Pump was one of them.

For the Florida rapper, the death of XXX hit very hard and he expressed his sorrow over losing his fellow friend and rapper on his Instagram page. On Tuesday (June 18), Pump hopped on his Instagram Story and compared XXXTentacion to that of the late Tupac Shakur. “Dead-ass though, X is the Tupac of our generation, no cap," Pump wrote.

A day prior, the 18-year-old rapper shared on his IG Story of himself crying while listening to XXX’s music. Pump was just one of many people who mourned the death of X and reflected on the rapper's impact. At X's Florida gravesite, lines of fans made their way to the scene so they could pay their respects to the rapper on the anniversary of his death.

In addition, reps have announced that not only a new documentary on XXX is in the works, they also unveiled plans for the release of a new XXX album. "X’s musical influence is sure to expand upon the upcoming release of his brand new album, which will feature some of today’s hottest stars," reads a press release from the rapper's team.

Check out Lil Pump's messages about XXXTentacion below.

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