A new Lil Pump song has Juice Wrld fans up in arms.

On Saturday (April 25), video surfaced online of Pump previewing a new track. In the snippet, which appeared in a tweet from a rap fan page, a turnt Jet Ski delivers the lines "Mama told me, 'Don't go to school on a Percocet'/Like Juice Wrld, 70 pounds on the private jet/I was in a purple Wraith riding with two bricks of meth/Uh, I shot him in the arm but it hit his neck (Like)."

The Juice Wrld name-drop references an incident involving the late Chicago rapper at Chicago Midway Airport last December when authorities discovered 70 pounds of marijuana in carry-on bags on the rapper's flight. The incident preceded the beloved rapper reportedly going into a seizure and eventually dying the same day from an accidental overdose.

Due to the circumstances surrounding the lyrics in Pump's song, many people were not feeling Pump's use of it less than six months following Juice's death.

"Nah this is soo disrespectful," one person commented in a Twitter response to the initial video.

"Fr. kid is so stupid," another person tweeted. "There would have been so many mutual listeners between pump and Juice that he literally just pissed away. how tf can i listen to dude if he's making fun of one of my favourite artists' death?"

While some people saw no issue with the line, others accused the South Florida rapper of clout-chasing.

See what upset fans had to say about Lil Pump's Juice Wrld name-drop in a snippet of his new song below.

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