Lil Peep's song "Sex With My Ex" has revealed to be an unauthorized release and has been removed from digital service providers.


Since Lil Peep's tragic death in November, fans have clamored to hear some of the unreleased music sitting in the "Awful Things" rapper's vaults, only to be served a a precious few posthumous singles. One unreleased track, "Sex With My Ex," surfaced on YouTube this month, and it hit Apple Music today (June 15).

The track finds Peep in trademark suicidal romance mode, serenading a lover like it's the last thing they'll ever do. Brooding electric guitar noodling and trap hi-hats fill out the beat.

"Fuck me, like we're lyin' on our death bed/I can feel that sudden emptiness/I'm here to grant your one last wish/So, fuck me, like we're lyin' on our death bed/Hear the sadness in your laughter/She's afraid of what comes after me, true love," he sings on the hook.

Peep, officially, has posthumously released two songs, the Marshmello collaboration "Spotlight" and the Clams Casino collaboration "4 Gold Chains." Both tracks received promotion from the other artists involved, whereas "Sex With My Ex" has not yet been addressed publicly by the late rapper's family or friends.

The track's alleged producer, smokeasac, has previously hinted that a forthcoming sequel to Peep's 2017 album Come Over When You're Sober is coming, but it's unclear whether this song will be featured on that project.

Lil Peep
Lil Peep

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