In a statement to XXL, a rep for First Access Entertainment has addressed a purported lawsuit filed by Lil Peep's mother. Read it below:

"Lil Peep’s death from an accidental drug overdose was a terrible tragedy. However, the claim that First Access Entertainment, any of its employees, or Chase Ortega, or anyone else under our auspices was somehow responsible for, complicit in, or contributed to his death is categorically untrue. In fact, we consistently encouraged Peep to stop abusing drugs and to distance himself from the negative influence of the drug users and enablers with whom he chose to associate.

It is extremely disappointing that Peep’s mother would file this meritless lawsuit, since she is well aware of the numerous efforts made by First Access and Chase Ortega to steer her son away from his concerning lifestyle choices. Unfortunately, in spite of our best efforts, he was an adult who made his own decisions and opted to follow a different, more destructive path.

After comprehensively reviewing the facts, the Medical Examiner ruled that Peep’s death was accidental; likewise, the Tucson Police Department conducted a thorough investigation and concluded that his death was the result of an accidental overdose.

While First Access is deeply saddened by Lil Peep’s untimely death, we will not hesitate to defend ourselves against this groundless and offensive lawsuit. We look forward to its swift dismissal."


Nearly two years after his untimely death, Lil Peep's mother has filed a lawsuit against her son's former management and tour company.

According to a report TMZ published today (Oct. 8), Peep's mother, Liza Womack filed a lawsuit on Monday against First Access Entertainment, which facilitated his last tour before his death, as well as the people associated with the company and his management team. Legal documents detail Womack's claims, which date back to early 2017 during The Peep Show Tour.

First Access Entertainment is an entertainment company run by Sarah Stennett in partnership with the owner of Access Industries and Warner Music Group, Len Blavatnik. Stennett signed Peep to the label in 2016 when he was 19. She's also one of several people named in the suit along with Bryant Ortega, who was a member of the management team, and tour manager Belinda Mercer.

Peep's mother says that her son's management allegedly "normalized and even encouraged" the use of controlled drugs and illegal substances throughout his tour. She cites an instance from her son's tour stop in London, where his management allegedly gifted the rapper with a full bottle of pills at a restaurant during dinner. From that point on, her son's rapid drug use continued into his final Come Over When You're Sober Tour. During his time on the road, Womack claims Peep was provided with Xanax, Ketamine and other drugs.

On one tour stop in May 2017, Peep's mom asserts that he was "barely able to communicate, let alone perform, due to his use of drugs" during his show in Los Angeles. Although he was visibly in a "comatose-like state," Womack claims Peep's managers let him perform. Womack also claims her son wanted to quit the tour due to the fact that he was physically and mentally exhausted, but they allegedly denied his pleas and continued to make him perform while giving him drugs up until his last show in El Paso, Texas, before he was found dead of an overdose in his tour bus.

His mother alleges one of his managers, Belinda Mercer, told him to take "an excessive amount of Xanax" to get sick and then insurance would cover the cancellation of the show. Peep's mom also claims Mercer had a sexual relationship with the rapper.

Womack is suing for unspecified damages. So far, Peep's former management and tour company have not commented on her claims.

XXL has reached out to Lil Peep's team and First Access Entertainment for comment.

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