It's been nearly three months since Lil Peep's sudden passing, and the music community continues to commemorate him. Marshmello releases the official visuals for his "Spotlight" record with the late rapper, which honors Peep's legacy as an emotional artist.

The video is directed by the Long Island native's friend, Nick Koenig, and follows the story of a young woman trying to cope after a breakup. The visuals start with the girl sitting in a booth at a diner, watching her ex-boyfriend enter the restaurant with another girl and a group of friends. She then leaves on her motorcycle to head home, where she spots different items in her room that remind her of her past relationship.

After looking at sentimental photos of her and her ex as a couple and a knife on a table, the girl then heads back to the diner to find the restaurant in shambles. She then sees a message reading "in another life," which could be a tribute to Lil Peep, who does not appear in the video.

This is one of the last songs that Peep worked on before his sudden passing from a drug overdose in November 2017. Marshmello says that Peep's mother asked him to release it so that fans could receive new music from the late entertainer.

Watch the video for Marshmello and Lil Pee's "Spotlight" record below.

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