Lil Peep's Crybaby mixtape has been made available for fans via streaming platforms now.

On Wednesday (June 10), in a message shared on Lil Peep's official Instagram account by the late rapper's family, it was announced that his estate is delivering his fourth mixtape to streaming services on the four-year anniversary of the project's original release.

"On June 10, 2016, Gus released one of his most beloved mixtapes – Crybaby," the Instagram post begins. "Today, four years later, we are proud to release Crybaby on all digital streaming platforms exactly the way Gus and his collaborators made it. These songs were exported directly from the GarageBand recording sessions on Gus's old MacBook, and for the first time, the world is hearing them in the highest audio quality possible."

As the message to Peep's fan base goes on, the "Star Shopping" rapper's family explains how this project represented his growth as an artist.

"Crybaby represents a turning point in Gus's artistry," the statement continues. "The three mixtapes Gus had released in 2015 were created with various artists and producers entirely over the internet—via email and text messages. When Gus made Crybaby, however, he actually met and worked with his producers in person."

As Lil Peep's current streaming stands, there are four projects available for fans including Everybody's Everything and both volumes of Come Over When You're Sober.

Crybaby is the fourth mixtape released by the rapper. In 2015, Peep offered his fans a three-peat, dropping Lil Peep; Part One, Mall Musicc and Live Forever. Three months after the release of Crybaby in 2016, Peep dropped Hellboy, which helped create further buzz for the rhymer.

The Long Island, N.Y. native died in 2017 from an accidental overdose of fentanyl and generic Xanax.

Listen to Lil Peep's Crybaby mixtape below.

Lil Peep's Crybaby Mixtape Tracklist

1. "Crybaby"
2. "Lil Jeep"
3. "Yesterday"
4. "Absolute in Doubt" featuring Wicca Phase Springs Eternal
5. "Ghost Girl"
6. "Big City Blues" featuring Cold Hart
7. "Skyscrapers (love now, cry later)"
8. "Nineteen"
9. "White Tee" featuring Lil Tracy
10. "Driveway"

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