Lil Mama just dropped a new track titled "4PM" where she spits over Drake's "4PM in Calabasas." The Brooklyn MC is going hard spitting straight bars, with no chorus for nearly three minutes. Some think she might be once again going at Nicki Minaj.

On the lines in question, the "Sausage" rapper spits, "And you can be LeBron, Steph Curry or Kobe / I’m still numero uno D Rose / And you was my daughter like I told you before / It’s Mama’s house like we hitted it raw / And you ain’t got no sons / I be hearing you talk crazy but you really is buns / So when you talk, talk politely / And when you tread, tread lightly / Cuz the ice getting thinner like 6666, it’s gon be a cold winter."

The two rappers' issues go back nearly five years when Lil Mama accused Nicki of biting her style. She later dissed Minaj during a interview on The Breakfast Club saying in reference to the Young Money First Lady, “I don’t look at TV and listen to radio and say, ‘Oh, I’m gonna be a hoe now. Oh, I’m gonna do this now. I’m gonna talk like this. I’m gonna get a tattoo that says I’m a doll. I’m gonna get a chain that says I’m a doll. ‘ I’m Lil mama, till the day I die, period."

Nicki isn't innocent in this whole thing. On the remix to Yo Gotti’s “5 Star Chick,” she seemed to take a jab rapping, “Five, little Mama, you a three-star / I ain't sleepin' when I say I'm in my dream car.”

Minaj has talked about sonning female rappers on multiple tracks, which could be what Lil Mama is referencing on her "4PM (Freestyle)."

Will Nicki respond? Check out the track and judge for yourself.

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