After the second Bad Boy Reunion Tour kicked off last week, Lil' Kim called in to DJ Whoo Kid's show to talk about the energy of the reunion, memories of Biggie, how it feels to influence open sexuality in hip-hop and much more.

During their conversation, Kim talks about some of her favorite Biggie songs. "Top five, okay...'Warning,' 'Dead Wrong,' 'Who Shot Ya,' 'Hypnotize,' 'Kick in the Door,' I gotta give you one more though. 'Somebody's Gotta Die.'"

She goes on to talk about how "Mo Money, Mo Problems" was her favorite record back then, but because she was around during the recording of that song, she heard it so much and got a little tired of it. She also shouts out "Machine Gun Funk," the Hov collab "Brooklyn's Finest," the Meth collab "The What" and, believe it or not, the Shaq collab "Can't Stop the Reign."

Listen to the whole interview above.

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