Lil’ Kim was confronted by someone who clearly isn't a fan of her decision to wear fur.

On Tuesday (Oct. 8), while on a promo run to promote her upcoming 9 album, Kim was harassed by presumed animal activists waiting outside in front of Verizon’s Build Studios in New York City. The rap veteran was there to do a scheduled interview with the Build Series online show.

In an Instagram video posted by IG user Scootercaster, a woman is holding up a sign and yelling at Kim to stop wearing fur. “Animals get electrocuted. Lil’ Kim stop wearing fur!,” she screams at the rapper.

One of the rapper’s handlers manages to rip up the sign but the protester continues to aggressively approach Lil' Kim. When the activist gets close, Kim stands her ground and tells her to back up. Thankfully, Kim's bodyguard steps in before things escalate any further.

“Shame on you for wearing fur, stop wearing fur” the activist continues to scream at Kim, as the Brooklyn looks on undeterred by the woman's pleas.

Lil Kim, who received the I Am Hip Hop Award at the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards on Saturday, wasn't injured during the confrontation and was able to enter the building.

You can watch Lil' Kim's heated exchange with an animal activist below.

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