Over the last year, Lil Gnar has earned millions of SoundCloud streams on his way to becoming Atlanta's designated next rap star. Today (Sept. 28), Gnar takes another step along that road by dropping Gnar Lif3, an 11-track project that marks his first-ever solo mixtape.

Loaded with hard beats and casual boasts, Gnar Lif3 is a full-size serving of the ascendant Gnar, who holds down each track with charisma and natural mic presence. When you throw in features from the likes of IDK, Travis Barker and more, you're looking at a dope introduction to the rap world.

Speaking with XXL for The Break earlier this month, Gnar, who created his own skating apparel line at the age of 18, revealed that he hadn't been putting out music for that long. "I wasn't even a known artist—not that I'm saying that I'm putting music out and I'm unknown—I wasn't putting music out publicly 11 months ago," he said at the time.

"To go from, 'I'm doing a brand, but I'm just making clothes, nobody knows me damn near,' to 'I'm an artist, I'm signed, I'm doing all this shit, niggas recognize me in the street,'" he continued, noting that fame took some getting used to.

Get to know more about Gnar's sound by checking out Gnar Lif3 below.

Lil Gnar's Gnar Lif3 Tracklist

1. "Ice Out"
2. "Grave" featuring Lil Skies
3. "Mothership"
4. "Batmane"
5. "455
6. "Drop Top Benz" featuring Lil Skies
7. "Laker Guap"
8. "Sick in the Head" featuring Travis Barker
9. "Gnarcotic Gang"
10. "I Don't Sell Dope featuring IDK
11. "Man Down" featuring ZillaKami

Ten Thousand Projects, LLC/Capitol Records
Ten Thousand Projects, LLC/Capitol Records

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