At some point tonight (May 30), Lil Durk will turn himself in to Atlanta authorities on charges of criminal attempt to commit murder and four other felonies. Before that, he's dropped off the aptly titled "Turn Myself In," a new track about the legal strife he currently finds himself engulfed by.

On the song, Durk lets loose pained melodies as he reflects on life and apologizes to his friends and family. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, God can you hear me/Yeah, yeah, yeah, niggas ain't really with me/Yeah, yeah, yeah, main homies turned against me/Yeah, yeah, yeah, heard the story, I think I'm finished," Durk spits on the track.

Elsewhere on the song, the former XXL Freshman proclaims his innocence: "Look up at the judge, can't look/Stay making up lies, for sure/I'm a innocent man, for sure/It is what it is, for sure."

"Turn Myself In" arrives hours after Durk's lawyer told Atlanta's WSBTV that the rapper would, in fact, be turning himself in to police for charges related to a Feb. 5 shooting outside of Atlanta restaurant The Varsity. It comes just over one day the Chicago rapper used his Instagram and Twitter accounts to announce that he was turning himself in.

At press time, Durk has yet to enter police custody.

Listen to Lil Durk's impassioned new song "Turn Myself In."


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